Professional Accounting and Advisory Services



  • Cambridge Accounting provides private equity firms, portfolio companies, businesses and investors with accurate and insightful financial reporting and analysis in order to facilitate impactful business decisions. To accomplish this we manage all phases of the accounting and reporting process, including bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and reporting of non-financial information. We also help clients assess their impact performance, including environmental, social and governance performance.  In short, we act as the face of the company and articulately and effectively communicate financial results together with the company vision, strategy and impact performance. Finally, we perform business valuations to support strategic transactions. Cambridge Accounting services clients domestically and internationally. 

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Bookkeeping, Accounting and Reporting


  • Record transactions.
  • Create financial reports. 
  • Manage tax filing.

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Management Accounting and Advisory


  • Create management reports.
  • Create pitch deck and manage investor relations.
  • Advise on new bases of accounting.

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  • Create financial models. 
  • Calculate value of business. 
  • Advise on strategic transactions.

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  • Measure and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.
  • Advise on B-Corp certification.
  • Create impact / ESG reports. 

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Detailed List of Services


Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting and Tax

  1. Record company transactions in accounting software.
  2. Manage payroll set up and payment processing.
  3. Manage cash payment receipt and processing. 
  4. Provide regular reporting on key account balances. 
  5. Prepare financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, statements of owners equity. 
  6. Prepare the annual report and integrated report, communicating financial information alongside company strategy, vision and performance along impact metrics. 
  7. Prepare tax reporting documents and collaborate with tax expert to file return and minimize tax liability. 

Management Accounting & Advisory

  1. Gather and analyze financial information to provide key performance indicators. 
  2. Benchmark performance against peers. 
  3. Assist in the adoption of new accounting standards and different bases of accounting. 


  1. We determine the value of your business using techniques such as discounted cash flows and comparable company valuations. 
  2. We help you think through strategic decisions related to valuation, such as corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions. 


  1.  Perform detailed review of your business operations and create/articulate your sustainability strategy. 
  2. Devise sustainability metrics which are most relevant to your business, investors and stakeholders. 
  3. Track company performance of sustainability metrics. 
  4. Identify opportunities to improve upon sustainability metrics.  
  5. Based on an in depth understanding of your business we create a sustainability/impact report which dovetails with your annual report. 



About Us



  • The firm's focus is to use its accounting expertise to cost effectively help businesses and investors do what they do best, run their business and make investment decisions.  
  • The firm also provides businesses and investors guidance and support in sustainability accounting, reporting and analysis. 



  • The managing partner, Robert J. Piliero, is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst with a Masters in Accounting from UMass Boston. The managing partner also has 20 years of combined experience working for JPMorganChase, State Street Bank and Trust, PwC and Liberty Mutual Investments.  
  • The Managing Partner is also certified in the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) and holds a Bachelors Degree from Middlebury College in Environmental Economics.



  • We are fluent in French and Spanish, and have international work experience in Geneva, Switzerland.  We can help your business expand abroad. 

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